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The Resonant Exchange Qubit



Jacob M. Taylor, Medford Jim, Johannes Beil, Emmanuel Rashba, H Lu, A. C. Gossard, C. M. Marcus


We introduce a solid-state qubit in which exchange interactions among confined electrons provide both the static longitudinal field and the oscillatory transverse field, allowing rapid and full qubit control via rf gate-voltage pulses. We demonstrate two-axis control at a detuning sweet-spot, where leakage due to hyperfine coupling is suppressed by the large exchange gap. A π/2-gate time of 2.5 ns and a coherence time of 19 μs, using multi-pulse echo, are also demonstrated. Model calculations that include effects of hyperfine noise are in excellent quantitative agreement with experiment.
Physical Review Letters


Quantum dots, quantum computing


Taylor, J. , Jim, M. , Beil, J. , Rashba, E. , Lu, H. , Gossard, A. and Marcus, C. (2013), The Resonant Exchange Qubit, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed December 1, 2023)
Created July 31, 2013, Updated November 10, 2018