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Resonance Strength in 22Ne(p,gamma)23Na from Depth Profiling in Aluminum



R Longland, C. Iliadis, J. Cesaratto, A E. Champagne, S Daigle, J.R. Newton, Ryan P. Fitzgerald


The novel method for extracting absolute resonance strengths has been investigated. By implanting 22Ne ions into a thick aluminum backing, and simultaneously measuring the 22Ne + p and 27Al+p reactions, the strength of the Elab,r = 479 keV resonance in 22Ne(p,gamma)23Na was determined to be omega-gamma = 0.524(51) eV. This result has significantly reduced uncertainties compared to earlier work. Our results are important for the absolute normalizations of resonance strengths in the 22Ne(p,gamma) 23Na hydrogen burning reaction and in the 22Ne + alpha-process neutron resource reactions.
Nuclear Physics A


Na-23, resonance strength


Longland, R. , Iliadis, C. , Cesaratto, J. , Champagne, A. , Daigle, S. , Newton, J. and Fitzgerald, R. (2010), Resonance Strength in 22Ne(p,gamma)23Na from Depth Profiling in Aluminum, Nuclear Physics A (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created April 29, 2010, Updated October 12, 2021