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Report of the Key Comparison CCPR-K5 Spectral Diffuse Reflectance



Yoshihiro Ohno, Maria E. Nadal, Kenneth L. Eckerle, E. A. Early


This is an official report from Consultative Committee of Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR) on the Key Comparison CCPR-K5 spectral diffuse reflectance, conducted in the framework of CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). 13 national laboratories participated in this intercomparison, piloted by NIST. Two types of samples - spectralon and ceramic tile - were used as transfer standards. Measurements were performed in the wavelength range of 360 nm to 820 nm at 20 nm intervals. The report includes the details of the technical protocol, the facilities of the pilot laboratory, the descriptions of transfer standards, the participants' measurement facilities and capabilities, participants' stated measurement uncertainty budgets, data analyses for KCRV, and all the results of all participants including a table for unilateral degree of equivalence.


CCPR, diffuse reflectance, Key Comparison
Created October 2, 2013, Updated November 10, 2018