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Replicated Architecture for Application Sharing in Desktop Conferencing Systems



J B. West, P Kabore, Okhee Kim, J Favreau


Multimedia desktop conferencing systems are gaining momentum and increasingly becoming a reality. In these systems, besides using audio, video and multi-user applications like a white board, users can share a vast number of single-user applications for collaborative work. In these systems, there are two basic architectures for sharing single-user applications, centralized and replicated. In the centralized architecture, only one copy of the application runs on one machine and its output is multicasted to all participants. In contrast, the replicated architecture requires each participant to run a copy of the application the input from any participant is multicasted to all copies of the shared application. In this paper we present the important issues involved in designing and implementing application sharing systems based on the replicated architecture. We show what type of objects need to be replicated, the specification of these objects and the different approaches for implementing the replication processes. In addition, we describe a particular implementation of the presented concepts in connection with JCE, a replicated architecture based collaborative system for sharing JAVA applications.
Conference Dates
May 26-29, 1998
Conference Location
, 1, NL
Conference Title
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems


computer supported cooperative work, distributed systems, multicasting, multimedia desktop conferencing, multiuser applications


West, J. , Kabore, P. , Kim, O. and Favreau, J. (1998), Replicated Architecture for Application Sharing in Desktop Conferencing Systems, International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, , 1, NL (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created May 25, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021