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Repeated Measurements with Minimally Destructive Partial-Transfer Absorption Imaging



Ian B. Spielman, Ana Valdes Curiel, Dimitris Trypogeorgos, Erin Marshall, Nathan Lundblad


We demonstrate partial-transfer absorption imaging as a technique for repeatedly imaging an ultracold atomic ensemble with minimal perturbation. We prepare an atomic cloud in a state that is dark to the imaging light and then use a microwave pulse to coherently transfer a small fraction of the ensemble to a bright state which we image using in situ absorption imaging. The amplitude or duration of the microwave pulse controls the fractional transfer from the dark to the bright state. By repeating this process we can image the atomic cloud many times before it is depleted; for small fractions this amounts to more than 50 times.
Optics Express


Ultracold atom imaging
Created December 2, 2019, Updated December 3, 2019