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Removing the Hydrocarbon Liquid from Hydrocarbon Liquid Flow Standards



Jodie G. Pope, Christopher J. Crowley


NIST and other laboratories calibrate meters that measure the flow of valuable liquids such as petroleum products. Historically, these calibrations have been conducted using Stoddard solvent. Laboratories using Stoddard solvent for liquid-flow calibrations must contend with flammability, inhalation toxicity, and hazardous waste disposal requirements. In response to these health and safety concerns, we modified NISTs piston-prover flow standards so that calibrations are now conducted with mixtures of propylene glycol and water (PG + W). In this paper, we describe the modifications to NIST’s calibration systems and our experiences in using the modified systems to calibrate turbine, positive displacement, and coriolis meters.
Proceedings Title
The 16th International Flow Measurement Conference FLOMEKO 2013
Conference Dates
September 24-26, 2013
Conference Location
Paris, -1
Conference Title


Liquid Flow Calibration, Propylene glycol, Stoddard solvent
Created September 24, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017