Relationship between machinability index and in-process parameters during orthogonal cutting of steels

Published: June 01, 2011


Eric P. Whitenton, Iban Arriola, Jarred Heigel, Pedro Arrazola


Temperature and plastic strain maps were obtained during orthogonal cutting of two AISI 4140 steels with different machinability indexes using a high-speed dual-spectrum (visible and infrared) and visible spectrum cameras, respectively. Surface and internal temperature were compared by simultaneous measurements with a thermal camera and thermocouples embedded in the flank face of the cutting tool. A cause-effect relationship between the machinability index and the analyzed in-process variables is determined. This will help with developing a practical tool for the scientific design of different machinability index materials as well as an alternative method to time-consuming and expensive machinability tests (ISO 3685).
Citation: Cirp Annals-Manufacturing Technology
Pub Type: Journals

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Plastic Strain, Temperature, Machinability index
Created June 01, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017