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Reference materials for phase equilibrium studies. 2. Solid–liquid equilibria (IUPAC Technical Report)



Ala Bazyleva, William E. Acree, Vladimir Diky, Glenn T. Hefter, Johan Jacquemin, M. Clara F. Magalhães, Joe W. Magee, Kirk Nordstrom, John O'Connell, James D. Olson, Ilya Polishuk, Kurt A. G. Schmidt, John M. Shaw, J. P. Martin Trusler, Ronald D. Weir


This article is the second of three projected IUPAC Technical Reports on reference materials for phase equilibrium studies. The goal of this project was to select reference systems with critically evaluated property values for the verification of instruments and techniques used in phase equilibrium studies of mixtures. This report proposes seven systems for solid–liquid equilibrium studies, covering the four most common categories of binary mixtures: aqueous systems with organic solutes, aqueous systems with inorganic solutes, non-aqueous systems, and systems with low solubility. For each system, the available literature sources, accepted data, smoothing equations, and estimated uncertainties are given.
Pure and Applied Chemistry


Experimental method corroboration, phase equilibrium, reference materials, solid–liquid equilibrium, solubility


Bazyleva, A. , Acree, W. , Diky, V. , Hefter, G. , Jacquemin, J. , Magalhães, M. , Magee, J. , Nordstrom, K. , O'Connell, J. , Olson, J. , Polishuk, I. , Schmidt, K. , Shaw, J. , Trusler, J. and Weir, R. (2023), Reference materials for phase equilibrium studies. 2. Solid–liquid equilibria (IUPAC Technical Report), Pure and Applied Chemistry, [online],, (Accessed December 3, 2023)
Created January 11, 2023, Updated February 3, 2023