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Reference Material 8785: Air Particulate Matter on Filter Media



George A. Klouda, James J. Filliben, H J. Parish, J C. Chow, J Watson, R Cary


Reference Material (RM) 8785 Air Particulate Matter on Filter Media is intended primarily for use in the evaluation of analytical methods used to characterize the carbon composition of atmospheric fine-particulate matter (PM) for national air quality monitoring programs. This RM consists of a fine fraction (nominally < 2.5 mu m} aerodynamic diameter) of SRM 1649a Urban Dust resuspended in air and filtered onto quartz-fiber filter. RM 8785 also will provide the atmospheric chemistry and ocean-sciences community with a means to intercompare methods and laboratories for the measurement of elemental (black) carbon. RM 8785 has value assignments for total carbon, elemental carbon and organic carbon measured according to two thermal-optical methods: the IMPROVE and NIOSH protocols [1, 2]. Each filter is uniquely identified by its APM identification number, its production characteristics, i.e., batch, chamber, row and column, and by its mass of fine SRM 1649a. Process filter blanks and manufacturer filter blanks will be available upon request. Depending on the demand, units may be limited to customers on an annual basis. We will discuss the results of an inter-laboratory and -methods comparison that provided value assignments for the above analytes.
Conference Proceedings


air particulate matter, elemental and total carbon, interlaboratory comparison, quartz-fiber filter, reference material (RM) 8785, thermal-optical analysis


Klouda, G. , Filliben, J. , Parish, H. , Chow, J. , Watson, J. and Cary, R. (2008), Reference Material 8785: Air Particulate Matter on Filter Media, Conference Proceedings (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008