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Reference Gauging System for a Small-Scale Liquid Hydrogen Tank



N T. Van Dresar, James D. Siegwarth


A system to accurately weigh the fluid contents of a small-scale liquid hydrogen test tank has been experimentally verified. It is intended for use as a reference or benchmark system when testing low-gravity liquid guantity gauging cncepts in the terrestrial environment. The reference gauging system has show a repeatable measurement accuracy of better than 0.t percent of the full tank liquid weight. With further refinement, the system accuracy can be improved to 0.10 percent of full scale.This report describes the weighing system design, calibration,a nd operational results. Suggestions are given for futher refinement of the system. An example is given to illustrate additional sources of uncertainty when mass measurements are converted to volume equivalents. Specifications for the companion test tank and its multi-layer insulation system are provided.
Review of Scientific Instruments


calibration vacuum, cryogenic, hydrogen, weigh tank


Van Dresar, N. and Siegwarth, J. (2021), Reference Gauging System for a Small-Scale Liquid Hydrogen Tank, Review of Scientific Instruments (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021