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Reference Correlation of the Viscosity of Benzene from the Triple Point to 675 K and up to 300 MPa



S. Avgeri, Marc J. Assael, Marcia L. Huber, Richard A. Perkins


This paper contains new, representative reference equations for the viscosity of benzene. The equations are based in part upon a body of experimental data that has been critically assessed for internal consistency and for agreement with theory whenever possible. The correlations are valid from the triple point (278.647 K) to 675 K, and at pressures up to 300 MPa. For the liquid phase, at temperatures from 288 K to 373 K at pressures up to 80 MPa, we estimate the uncertainty (at a 95% confidence level) to be 1.8%, increasing to 3.4% at 200 MPa, and 5% at pressures up to the correlation maximum (300 MPa). For the liquid at temperatures from 373 K to 523 K the uncertainty is 2.7% at pressures from saturation to 50 MPa, rising to 3.6% at 300 MPa. For temperatures above 523 K we estimate the uncertainty in the liquid phase to be 5%.The uncertainty for low-density fluid phase at temperatures from 305 K to 640 K and pressures to 0.3 MPa is estimated to be 0.2%.
Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data


benzene, critical phenomena, viscosity, transport properties


Avgeri, S. , Assael, M. , Huber, M. and Perkins, R. (2014), Reference Correlation of the Viscosity of Benzene from the Triple Point to 675 K and up to 300 MPa, Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, [online], (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created August 28, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021