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Record High Hydrogen Storage Capacity in the Metal-Organic Framework Ni2(m-dobdc) at Near-Ambient Temperatures



Matthew T. Kapelewski, Tomce Runcevski, Jacob Daniel Tarver, Henry Z. H. Jiang, Katherine E. Hurst, Philip A. Parilla, Anthony Ayala, Thomas Gennett, Stephen A. FitzGerald, Craig Brown, Jeffrey R. Long


H2 provides promise as a clean automobile fuel, but storage typically requires high pressure to achieve reasonable driving ranges. Adsorption of H2 in metal-organic frameworks is one of the most well-studied applications of this class of materials due to the opportunity to significantly reduce the required pressures for H2 storage. Importantly, the measurement of hydrogen adsorption in MOFs under conditions most relevant to on-board storage is crucial to understanding how these materials perform in actual applications. In this work, several metal-organic frameworks that strongly interact with H2 are evaluated for their usable volumetric H2 storage capacities over a wide range of temperatures. It is found that Ni2(m-dobdc) is the top-performing physisorptive storage material for H2 storage under the studied conditions, with a volumetric usable capacity of 11.0 g/L between 100 and 5 bar at 25 °C. Further experiments using D2-dosed neutron diffraction and in situ H2-dosed infrared spectroscopy were used to probe the H2 storage properties of these materials under the relevant conditions. Ideally, further studies in H2 storage will benefit from the considerations outlined in this paper and, as a result , comparisons between materials can easily be made in the future to best evaluate H2 storage materials.
Chemistry of Materials


hydrogen storage, neutron powder diffraction, crystallography, metal-organic framework


Kapelewski, M. , Runcevski, T. , Tarver, J. , Jiang, H. , Hurst, K. , Parilla, P. , Ayala, A. , Gennett, T. , FitzGerald, S. , Brown, C. and Long, J. (2018), Record High Hydrogen Storage Capacity in the Metal-Organic Framework Ni<sub>2</sub>(m-dobdc) at Near-Ambient Temperatures, Chemistry of Materials, [online], (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created November 26, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021