Recommendation for Pair-Wise Key Establishment Using Integer Factorization Cryptography

Published: March 21, 2019


Elaine B. Barker, Lidong Chen, Allen L. Roginsky, Richard Davis, Scott Simon


This Recommendation specifies key-establishment schemes using integer factorization cryptography (in particular, RSA). Both key-agreement and key transport schemes are specified for pairs of entities, and methods for key confirmation are included to provide assurance that both parties share the same keying material. In addition, the security properties associated with each scheme are provided.
Citation: Special Publication (NIST SP) - 800-56B Rev. 2
Report Number:
800-56B Rev. 2
Pub Type: NIST Pubs


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assurances, integer factorization cryptography, key agreement, key confirmation, key derivation, key establishment, key management, key recovery, key transport.
Created March 21, 2019, Updated September 03, 2019