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Recent Developments in Detector-Based Photometry and Future Needs in Photometry



Yoshihiro Ohno


A group of standard photometers are now used to realize, maintain, and transfer the photometric units at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The detector-based calibration procedures utilizing standard photometers have been implemented in various photometric calibrations including those for luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, and flashing-light. A detector-based calibration facility for total luminous flux has also been developed recently. This paper describes these new capabilities that utilize the detector-based method, and discusses future needs for standards in photometry.
CIE Expert Symposium


candela, detector, flashing light, illuminance


Ohno, Y. (1999), Recent Developments in Detector-Based Photometry and Future Needs in Photometry, CIE Expert Symposium (Accessed December 5, 2023)
Created September 30, 1999, Updated June 27, 2017