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Realization of a deeply subwavelength adiabatic optical lattice



Ian B. Spielman, Ana Valdes Curiel, Russell P. Anderson, T. Andrijauskas, Gediminas Juzeliunas, Qiyu Liang, Junheng Tau, Dimitrius Trypogeorgos, Mingshu Zhao


We propose and realize a deeply sub-wavelength optical lattice for ultracold neutral atoms using $N$ resonantly Raman-coupled internal degrees of freedom. Although counter-propagating lasers with wavelength $\lambda$ provided two-photon Raman coupling, the resultant lattice-period was $\lambda/2N$, an $N$-fold reduction as compared to the conventional $\lambda/2$ lattice period. We experimentally demonstrated this lattice built from the three $F=1$ Zeeman states of a $^{87}{\rm Rb}$ Bose-Einstein condensate, and generated a lattice with a $\lambda/6= 132\ {\rm nm}$ period from $\lambda=790 \ {\rm nm}$ lasers. Lastly, we show that adding an additional RF coupling field converts this lattice into a superlattice with $N$ wells uniformly spaced within the original $\lambda/2$ unit cell.
Physical Review


Bose-Einstein Condensate, optical lattice


Spielman, I. , Valdes, A. , Anderson, R. , Andrijauskas, T. , Juzeliunas, G. , Liang, Q. , Tau, J. , Trypogeorgos, D. and Zhao, M. (2020), Realization of a deeply subwavelength adiabatic optical lattice, Physical Review, [online], (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created February 12, 2020, Updated May 8, 2020