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REACT: Reducing Early-Age Cracking Today



Dale P. Bentz, W Weiss


Concrete is generally viewed as a durable and long-lasting construction material.  However, the long-term performance of a concrete structure can be greatly compromised by  early-age cracking.  One recent informal estimate from the industry places this as a $500 M problem in the U.S. alone, with some ready-mix companies experiencing early-age issues on as many as 70 % of their jobs.  As is often the case, as a problem intensifies, mitigation strategies are developed and promoted from the research laboratory to the field.  This paper will briefly review the most common non-structural causes of early-age cracking and present an introduction to various mitigation strategies.  These strategies are being further investigated as part of a newly formed university/industry/government collaboration under the acronym of REACT: Reducing Early-Age Cracking Today.
Concrete Plant International


Autogenous deformation, building technology, early-age cracking, internal curing, plastic shrinkage, semi-adiabatic.
Created June 1, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017