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Rapidly Renewable Lap: Theory and Practice



Christopher J. Evans, R E. Parks, David J. Roderick, Michael L. McGlauflin


The rapidly renewable lap (RRL) uses a textured substrate over which thin films are slumped. The substrate provides the geometry of the lap and a localized texture, depending on the film thickness, properties, and means by which it is deformed over and adhered to the substrate. Abrasives, added to the film, lap or polish without touching or changing the substrate geometry. Depending on process parameters, the RRL gives brittle or ductile (two-body) lapping. This paper has two major themes: it describes the RRL and some applications; and it shows that some relatively simple lapping models predict the process or characteristics.
CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology
No. 1


abrasion, lapping, polishing


Evans, C. , Parks, R. , Roderick, D. and McGlauflin, M. (1998), Rapidly Renewable Lap: Theory and Practice, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created January 1, 1998, Updated February 19, 2017