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Raman Investigation of the Layered Manganese Perovskite La1.2 Sr1.8 Mn207



D B. Romero, V B. Podobedov, A Weber, Joseph P. Rice, J.F. Mitchell, R P. Sharma, H D. Drew


We report the results of a detailed polarization and temperature dependence study of the Raman scattering from La1.2Sr1.8Mn207. The Raman spectra reveal three general spectral features. First, there are sharp peaks due to long-wavelength optic phonons. Phonons, attributed to the distortion of the MNO6 octahedra, reveal an anomalous behavior which correlates with the transition from a paramagnetic-insulating (Pl) to a ferromagnetic-metallic (FM) phase at a critical temperature Tc. Second, there is an electronic continuum that is suppressed for w <500 cm-1 at T<
Materials Research Society Symposium


colossal magnetoresistance, electronic Raman scattering, layered manganese perovskite, phonons, Raman spectroscopy


Romero, D. , Podobedov, V. , Weber, A. , Rice, J. , Mitchell, J. , Sharma, R. and Drew, H. (1997), Raman Investigation of the Layered Manganese Perovskite La1.2 Sr1.8 Mn207, Materials Research Society Symposium (Accessed February 22, 2024)
Created December 3, 1997, Updated October 12, 2021