Raman Imaging of Surface and Sub-Surface Graphene Oxide in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites

Published: March 01, 2019


Amber D. McCreary, Qi An, Aaron M. Forster, Kunwei Liu, Siyao He, Chris Macosko, Andreas Stein, Angela R. Hight Walker


The incorporation of nanofillers, such as graphene oxide (GO) into fiber reinforced polymer composites to improve their mechanical properties is a significant research area for a variety of industrial applications. However, to date there is no reliable method to visualize the microstructure of the graphene oxide near the fiber-resin interface for low loadings (i.e. <1%) due to the brittle fibers, which complicates the surface during sample preparation and renders TEM and SEM challenging. Here, we show that with proper wavelength selection, Raman imaging is able to identify modified GO (mGO) nanoplates at the fiber-resin interface, opening new avenues to study how GO dispersions affect the nanocomposite’s mechanical properties.
Citation: Carbon
Volume: 143
Pub Type: Journals


microstructure, Raman, graphene oxide, dispersion, fiber reinforced nanocomposites
Created March 01, 2019, Updated April 25, 2019