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Radiation-Pressure Enabled Traceable Laser Sources at High CW Powers



Paul A. Williams, Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse, Joshua A. Hadler, Daniel King, Ivan Ryger, Tam Vo, John H. Lehman, Kyle A. Rogers


Radiation pressure has recently been shown to have practical application for multi-kilowatt CW laser power measurement. One key advantage lies in its ability to measure without absorbing the laser beam. This enables a new measurement paradigm where laser power can be measured traceable to the SI without perturbing the beam. Combining this measurement scheme with a laser constitutes a “traceable source” where laser output power is traceable to the SI in real time. This greatly simplifies the calibration process for multi-kilowatt laser power meters and yields a path to high-accuracy laser-based material processing. Here, we discuss the state of the art of this approach by describing recent results from calibrations of laser power meters performed using a radiation-pressure-enabled traceable source at CW powers from 1 kW to 50 kW. We describe measurement results and uncertainty contributions with expanded uncertainties at or below 1.7 % for powers above 10 kW. We also briefly discuss the status of development of a radiation-pressure based technology designed to provide source traceability in the laser manufacturing environment.
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement


Radiation pressure, laser power, calorimetry, laser welding, additive manufacturing
Created January 4, 2019, Updated April 17, 2019