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Quasilocal Critical Nature of Cooperative Paramagnetic Fluctuations in CaRuO3 Metal



J. Gunasekera, Leland Harriger, T. Heitmann, A. Dahal, H. Knoll, D. K. Singh


We report new observation of cooperative paramagnetic fluctuations of Ru4+ spins that coexist with the non-Fermi liquid state in CaRuO3 perovskite below T22 K. Detailed electrical, magnetic and neutron scattering measurements reveal that the RuR+ ions reside in magnetic field independent random domains with dynamic properties that are reminiscent of the cooperative paramagnetic fluctuations. The linear (E/T}) scaling of the dynamic susceptibilities and divergence of the mean relaxation time as T - 0 K suggest quasi-local critical nature of the spin fluctuations. We argue that the non-Fermi liquid behavior arises due to the quantum critical nature of the cooperative paramagnetic fluctuations in CaRuO3.
Physical Review B


Ruthenates, Quantum Criticality, magnetism, Non-Fermi Liquid


Gunasekera, J. , Harriger, L. , Heitmann, T. , Dahal, A. , Knoll, H. and Singh, D. (2015), Quasilocal Critical Nature of Cooperative Paramagnetic Fluctuations in CaRuO<sub>3</sub> Metal, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed March 3, 2024)
Created June 7, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021