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Quantum Teleportation Between Nanomechanical Modes



Lin Tian, Stephen Carr


We study a quantum teleportation scheme between two nanomechanical modes without local interaction. The nanomechanical modes are linearly coupled to and connected by the continuous variable modes of a superconducting circuit made of transmission line and Josephson junctions. We calculate the fidelity of transferring coherent state under finite temperature and non-unit detector efficiency and show that a fidelity above the classical limit of $1/2$ can be achieved for a large range of parameters.
Physical Review Letters


fidelity, nanomechanical modes, quantum teleportation, superconducting transmission line


Tian, L. and Carr, S. (2008), Quantum Teleportation Between Nanomechanical Modes, Physical Review Letters (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008