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Quantum optimal control of the dissipative production of a maximally entangled state



Karl P. Horn, Florentin Reiter, Yiheng Lin, Dietrich Leibfried, Christiane P. Koch


Entanglement generation can be robust against noise in approaches that deliberately incorporate dissipation into the system dynamics. The presence of additional dissipation channels may, however, limit fidelity and speed of the process. Here we show how quantum optimal control techniques can be used to both speed up the entanglement generation and increase the fidelity in a realistic setup, whilst respecting typical experimental limitations. For the example of entangling two trapped ion qubits [Lin et al., Nature 504, 415 (2013)], we find an improved fidelity by simply optimizing the polarization of the laser beams utilized in the experiment. More significantly, an alternate combination of transitions between internal states of the ions, when combined with optimized polarization, enables faster entanglement and decreases the error by an order of magnitude.
Physical Review A


dissipation, entanglement, trapped ions


Horn, K. , Reiter, F. , Lin, Y. , Leibfried, D. and Koch, C. (2018), Quantum optimal control of the dissipative production of a maximally entangled state, Physical Review A, [online], (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created December 13, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021