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Quantum Logic Spectroscopy with Ions in Thermal Motion



Daniel Kienzler, Yong Wan, Stephen Erickson, Jenny Wu, Andrew C. Wilson, David J. Wineland, Dietrich Leibfried


A mixed-species geometric phase gate has been proposed for implementing quantum logic spectroscopy on trapped ions, which combines probe and information transfer from the spectroscopy to the logic ion in a single pulse. We experimentally realize this method, show how it can be applied as a technique for identifying transitions in currently intractable atoms or molecules, demonstrate its reduced temperature sensitivity, and observe quantum enhanced frequency sensitivity when applied to multi-ion chains. Potential applications include improved readout of trapped-ion clocks and simplified error syndrome measurements for quantum error correction.
Physical Review X


quantum logic, spectroscopy, trapped ions


Kienzler, D. , Wan, Y. , Erickson, S. , Wu, J. , Wilson, A. , Wineland, D. and Leibfried, D. (2020), Quantum Logic Spectroscopy with Ions in Thermal Motion, Physical Review X (Accessed February 28, 2024)
Created April 15, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021