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Quantum interference between photons from an atomic ensemble and a remote atomic ion



A. Craddock, J. Hannegan, D. Ornelas-Huerta, J. Siverns, A. Hachtel, E. Goldschmidt, James V. Porto, Q. Quraishi, S. Rolston


Many remote-entanglement protocols rely on the generation and interference of photons produced by nodes within a quantum network. Quantum networks based on heterogeneous nodes provide a versatile platform by utilizing the complimentary strengths of the differing systems. Implementation of such networks is challenging, due to the disparate spectral and temporal characteristics of the photons generated by the different quantum systems. Here, we report on the observation of quantum interference between photons generated from a single ion and an atomic ensemble. The photons are produced on demand by each source located in separate buildings, in a manner suitable for quantum networking. Given these results, we analyze the feasibility of hybrid ion-ensemble remote entanglement generation.
Physical Review Letters


quantum network, two-photon interference
Created November 18, 2019, Updated May 10, 2020