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Quantum gate teleportation between separated zones of a trapped-ion processor



Yong Wan, Daniel Kienzler, Stephen D. Erickson, Karl H. Mayer, Ting R. Tan, Jenny J. Wu, Hilma H. Macedo De Vasconcelos, Scott C. Glancy, Emanuel H. Knill, David J. Wineland, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich G. Leibfried


Large-scale quantum computers will inevitably require quantum gate operations between widely separated qubits, even within a single quantum information processing device. Nearly two decades ago, Gottesman and Chuang proposed a method for implementing such operations, known as quantum gate teleportation. It requires only local operations on the remote qubits, classical communication, and shared entanglement that is prepared before the logical operation. Here we demonstrate this approach in a scalable architecture by deterministically teleporting a CNOT gate between two computational qubits in spatially separated zones of a segmented ion trap. Our teleported CNOT's entanglement fidelity was in the interval [0.845, 0.872] at the 95% confidence level. The implementation combines ion shuttling with individually addressed single qubit rotations and detections, same- and mixed-species two qubit gates, and real time conditional operations, thereby demonstrating essential tools for scaling trapped-ion quantum computers combined in a single device.
Science Magazine


gate teleportation, Quantum computation, trapped ions


Wan, Y. , Kienzler, D. , Erickson, S. , Mayer, K. , Tan, T. , Wu, J. , Macedo, H. , Glancy, S. , Knill, E. , Wineland, D. , Wilson, A. and Leibfried, D. (2019), Quantum gate teleportation between separated zones of a trapped-ion processor, Science Magazine, [online], (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created May 31, 2019, Updated August 29, 2019