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Quantum Entropic Effects in the Liquid Viscosities of Hydrogen, Deuterium, and Neon



Ian Bell, Jacob Leachman, Albert Rigosi, Heather Hill


The extreme conditions have limited the availability and accuracy of experimental thermophys- ical property measurements for cryogens, particularly transport properties. Traditional scaling techniques such as corresponding states theory have long been known to be inaccurate for deeply quantum fluids. To address this need, this paper investigates how quantum effects impact thermo- dynamics and momentum transfer (shear viscosity) in the fluid phases of hydrogen, deuterium, and neon. We utilize experimental viscosity measurements and reference empirical equations of state to show that conventional entropy scaling is inadequate for quantum-dominated systems. We then provide a simple empirical correction to entropy scaling based on the ratio of quantum to packing lengths that accounts for the deviations.
Physics of Fluids


entropy scaling, cryogens, hydrogen, neon, viscosity


Bell, I. , Leachman, J. , Rigosi, A. and Hill, H. (2023), Quantum Entropic Effects in the Liquid Viscosities of Hydrogen, Deuterium, and Neon, Physics of Fluids, [online],, (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created July 26, 2023, Updated September 18, 2023