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Quantum Electromechanics on Silicon Nitride Nanomembranes



Johannes Fink, Mahmoud Kalaee, Alessandro Pitanti, Richard Norte, Lukas Heinzle, Marcelo I. Davanco, Kartik Srinivasan, Oskar Painter


We present a platform based upon silicon nitride nanomembranes for integrating superconducting microwave circuits with planar acoustic and optical devices such as phononic and photonic crystals. Utilizing tensile stress and lithographic patterning of a silicon nitride nanomembrane we are able to reliably realize planar capacitors with vacuum gap sizes down to approximately 80 nm. In combination with spiral inductor coils of micron pitch, this yields microwave (approximately 8 GHz) resonant circuits of high impedance (Z0 approximately kOhm ) suitable for effcient electromechanical coupling to nanoscale acoustic structures. We measure an electromechanical vacuum coupling rate of g0/2pi = 41.5 Hz to the low frequency (4.48 MHz) global beam motion of a patterned phononic crystal nanobeam, and through parametric microwave driving reach a backaction cooled mechanical mode occupancy as low as n_m = 0.58
Nature Communications


Fink, J. , Kalaee, M. , Pitanti, A. , Norte, R. , Heinzle, L. , Davanco, M. , Srinivasan, K. and Painter, O. (2016), Quantum Electromechanics on Silicon Nitride Nanomembranes, Nature Communications, [online],, (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created August 2, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021