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Quantum Critical Point in the Sc-Doped Itinerant Antiferromagnet TiAu



E. Svanidze, T. Besara, J. K. Wang, D. Geiger, L. Prochaska, J. M. Santiago, Jeffrey W. Lynn, S. Paschen, E. Morosan


We present the first experimental realization of a quantum critical point in an itinerant antiferromagnetic realization of a quantum critical point in an intinerant antiferromagnet composed of non-magnetic constituents, TiAu. By partially substituting Ti with Sc in Ti1-xScxAu, a doping amount of xc=0.13 ± 0.01 induces a quantum critical point with minimal disorder effects. The accompanying non-Fermi liquid behavior is observed in both the resistivity p ∝ T and specific heat Cp/T ∝ - lnT, characteristic of a 2D antiferromagnet. The quantum critical point is accompanied by an enhancement of the spin fluctuations, as indicated by the diverging Sommerfeld coefficient γ at x=xc.
Physical Review B


Itinerant Antiferromagnet, Quantum Critical Point, Non-Fermi Liquid, resistivity, specific heat
Created June 14, 2017, Updated September 8, 2017