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Quantum Critical Behavior in the Asymptotic Limit of High Disorder in the Medium Entropy Alloy NiCoCr0.8



Brian C. Sales, Ke Jin, Hongbin Bei, John Nichols, Matthew F. Chisholm, F. May, Nicholas Butch, Andrew D. Christianson, Michael A. McGuire


Concentrated solid solutions of transition metal atoms, such as NiCoCr, have extreme chemical disorder within a simple face-centered-cubic crystal structure. These alloys can be grown as large single crystals, and are closely related to the recently discovered high-entropy alloys. For NiCoCrx alloys with x near 0.8, the critical exponents associated with a ferromagnetic quantum critical point (FQCP) are experimentally determined from magnetization and heat capacity measurements. For the first time all of the five exponents (γT approximately equal}1/2, βTapproximately equal}1, δapproximately equal}3/2, VZm approximately equal} 2, α T approximately equal} 0] are in remarkable agreement with predictions of Belitz-Kirkpatrick-Vojta [BKV] theory in the asymptotic limit of high disorder. Entropy stabilized concentrated solid solutions thus represent a unique platform to study quantum critical behavior in a highly class of materials.
Nature Partner Journals Quantum Materials


quantum criticality, ferromagnetism


Sales, B. , Jin, K. , Bei, H. , Nichols, J. , Chisholm, M. , May, F. , Butch, N. , Christianson, A. and McGuire, M. (2017), Quantum Critical Behavior in the Asymptotic Limit of High Disorder in the Medium Entropy Alloy NiCoCr<sub>0.8</sub>, Nature Partner Journals Quantum Materials, [online], (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created June 28, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021