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Quantum Blackbody Thermometry



Eric B. Norrgard, Stephen Eckel, Christopher L. Holloway, Eric L. Shirley


Blackbody radiation (BBR) sources are calculable radiation sources that are frequently used in radiometry, temperature dissemination, and remote sensing. Despite their ubiquity, blackbody sources, have a plethora of systematics (e.g., emissivity, temperature gradients, geometric effects, etc.). We envision a new, primary route to measuring blackbody radiation using ensembles of polarizable quantum systems, such as Rydberg atoms and diatomic molecules. Quantum measurements with these exquisite electric field sensors could enable active feedback, improved design, and, ultimately, lower radiometric and thermal uncertainties on blackbody standards. The successful merger of quantum and blackbody-based measurements provides a new, fundamental paradigm for blackbody physics.
New Journal of Physics


metrology, themometry, radiometry, quantum, molecule, Rydberg, laser cooling


Norrgard, E. , Eckel, S. , , C. and , E. (2021), Quantum Blackbody Thermometry, New Journal of Physics, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created April 22, 2021