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Quantum Algorithms for Fermionic Quantum Field Theories



Stephen P. Jordan, Keith S. Lee, John Preskill


Extending previous work on scalar field theories, we develop a quantum algorithm to compute relativistic scattering amplitudes in fermionic field theories, exemplified by the massive Gross-Neveu model. The algorithm introduces new techniques to meet the additional challenges posed by the characteristics of fermionic fields, and its run time is polynomial in the desired precision and in the energy scale. Thus, it constitutes further progress towards an efficient quantum algorithm for simulating the Standard Model of particle physics.
Quantum Information & Computation


quantum algorithm, quantum field theory, fermion


Jordan, S. , Lee, K. and Preskill, J. (2014), Quantum Algorithms for Fermionic Quantum Field Theories, Quantum Information & Computation, [online], (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created April 27, 2014, Updated October 16, 2020