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Quantitative Surface Analysis of Fe-Ni Alloy Films by XPS, AES and SIMS



K J. Kim, D Moon, C J. Park, David S. Simons, J Greg Gillen, H Jin, H Kang


Quantitative surface analysis of Fe-Ni alloy thin films has been proposed as a new subject for a pilot study by the surface analysis working group of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance (CCQM). Three Fe-Ni alloy films with different compositions were grown on Si (100) wafers by ion beam sputter deposition and the compositions were certified by an isotope dilution method using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. The alloy compositions measured with XPS and AES using sensitivity factors determined from pure Fe and Ni metal films showed a good linear relation to the certified compositions. This indicates that the quantification of the Fe-Ni alloy is a good candidate for a CCQM pilot study because matrix effects and ion sputtering effects can be ignored for these analytical methods. The alloy compositions quantified by SIMS with a C60 ion source were also linear with the certified compositions.
Surface and Interface Analysis


C60 SIMS, Fe-Ni Alloy, ICP-MS, isotope dilution method, surface quantification


Kim, K. , Moon, D. , Park, C. , Simons, D. , Gillen, J. , Jin, H. and Kang, H. (2007), Quantitative Surface Analysis of Fe-Ni Alloy Films by XPS, AES and SIMS, Surface and Interface Analysis (Accessed December 10, 2023)
Created December 31, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021