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Quantitative comparison of two independent lateral force calibration techniques for the atomic force microscope



Sarice S. Barkley, Zhao Z. Deng, Richard S. Gates, Mark Reitsma, Rachel J. Cannara


Two independent lateral force calibration methods for the atomic force microscope, the Hammerhead (HH) technique and the diamagnetic lateral force calibrator (D-LFC), are systematically compared and found to agree to within 14 % overall uncertainty, using four different T-shaped HH reference probes. The limitations of each method are discussed and investigated. We find that stiff cantilevers may produce inaccurate D-LFC values through the application of excessively high normal loads. In addition, D-LFC results differ when comparing different modes of AFM feedback control, constant height and constant force modes, where the latter is more consistent with the HH method and closer to typical experimental conditions.
Review of Scientific Instruments


lateral force microscopy, atomic force microscopy, force calibration, nanoscale friction
Created February 15, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017