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Pyramidal Hyperbolic Metasurface for Enhancing Spontaneous Emission of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamond



Peng Zheng, Saransh Arora, Krishanu Ray, Stephen Semancik, Ishan Barman


Abstract Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in nanodiamond hold great promise for creating superior biological labels and quantum sensing methods. Yet, inefficient photon generation and extraction from excited NV centers restricts the achievable sensitivity and temporal resolution. While conventional nanophotonic resonators made of either dielectric or plasmonic nanocavities can provide a considerable Purcell enhancement, they prove less effective to enable a broadband optical enhancement mechanism that is needed to accelerate the transition dynamics of NV centers with a broadband fluorescence. Herein, we report a pyramidal hyperbolic metasurface fabricated by nanosphere lithography to modify the spontaneous emission of NV centers. It consists of alternatively stacked silica-silver thin films in a pyramidal fashion and supports both spectrally broadband Purcell enhancement and spatially extended intense local fields owing to the hyperbolic dispersion and plasmonic coupling. The enhanced photophysical properties are manifested as a simultaneous amplification to the spontaneous decay rate and emission intensity of NV centers. We envision that the reported pyramidal metasurface could serve as a versatile platform for creating chip-based ultrafast single-photon sources and spin-enhanced quantum biosensing strategies, as well as further our fundamental understanding of photoexcited species in condensed phases.
Advanced Optical Materials


Hyperbolic Metasurfaces, Plasmonics, Pyramidal, Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers, Nanodiamonds


Zheng, P. , Arora, S. , Ray, K. , Semancik, S. and Barman, I. (2023), Pyramidal Hyperbolic Metasurface for Enhancing Spontaneous Emission of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamond, Advanced Optical Materials, [online],, (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created January 17, 2023, Updated March 1, 2023