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Pub. 15 - National Conference on Weights and Measures Interim Meeting Agenda, January 24 - 27, 2010



Linda D. Crown, Steven E. Cook, Tina G. Butcher, Lisa Warfield, Ralph A. Richter


This is the agenda for the four Standing Committees of the National Conference on Weights and Measures - 95th Interim Meeting. This meeting will beheld at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, Nashville, Tennessee, on January 24 to 27, 2010
Proceedings Title
NCWM Interim Meeting | | National Conference on Weights and Measures | NCWM
Conference Dates
January 24-27, 2010
Conference Location
Nashville, TN
Conference Title
NCWM 95th Interim Meeting


Agenda, devices, fuel standards, laws and regulations, meters, scales, specifications, standards, tolerances, weights and measures
Created December 18, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017