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Pseudo-Fermionization of 1-D Bosons in Optical Lattices



G Pupillo, A M. Rey, Carl J. Williams, Charles W. Clark


We present a model that generalizes the Bose-Fermi mapping for strongly correlated 1D bosons in an optical lattice, to cases in which the average number of atoms per site is larger than one. This model gives an accurate account of equilibrium properties of such systems, in parameter regimes relevant to current experiments. The application of this model to non-equilibrium phenomena is explored by a study of the dynamics of an atom cloud subject to a sudden displacement of the confining potential. Good agreement is found with results of recent experiments. The simplicity and intuitive appeal of this model make it attractive as a general tool for understanding bosonic systems in the strongly correlated regime.
Physical Review Letters


Pupillo, G. , Rey, A. , Williams, C. and Clark, C. (2008), Pseudo-Fermionization of 1-D Bosons in Optical Lattices, Physical Review Letters (Accessed June 17, 2024)


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Created February 2, 2008, Updated February 17, 2017