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PSCR 2020_ Connecting the First Responder's Environment



Donald L. Harriss


In most first responder events, a building or structure is involved with some degree of importance. Knowledge of building structures and current building environments is paramount to successfully fulfilling an emergency event. To investigate this fact, PSCR is evaluating the current state of smart building technology, potentials for the sharing of building data, and potential use cases and scenarios for building technology. The goal is to provide guidance and recommendations to the public safety community and smart building technology vendors of the potential benefits of smart building data sharing. This presentation provides a high-level overview of current smart building technologies and potentials for the public safety community.
Conference Dates
July 28-30, 2020
Conference Location
Boulder, CO
Conference Title
PSCR Stakeholder Meeting 2020: The Digital Experience


Internet of Things, IoT, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities


Harriss, D. (2020), PSCR 2020_ Connecting the First Responder's Environment, PSCR Stakeholder Meeting 2020: The Digital Experience, Boulder, CO, [online], (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created October 28, 2020, Updated October 29, 2020