PSCR 2017 Stakeholder Conference Presentation Materials -- Day 2

Published: October 16, 2018


Jason D. Kahn, Anthony Trevino, San Antonio Police Dept, Heather M. Evans, Joe Fournier, Canada's Centre for Security Science, David Lund, Public Safety Communication Europe Forum, Gordon Shipley, UK Home Office Emergency Service Mobile Communications Programme, Dereck R. Orr, Jeff Bratcher, Rich Reed, Salim Patel, AT&T Technology Architecture Planning, Ryan Felts, Marc Leh, Mary F. Theofanos, Kristen Greene


This document is a compilation of the slides presented during Day 2 of the 2017 Public Safety Communications Research Program's (PSCR) Annual Stakeholder Conference. Day 2 topics include PSCR research plans and results for Crowdsourcing Open Innovation, Public Safety LTE, FirstNet partnerships, User Interface technology, User-centered communications research, Identity Management, and Location-Based Services.
Conference Dates: June 12-14, 2017
Conference Location: San Antonio, TX
Conference Title: PSCR 2017 Stakeholder Conference
Pub Type: Conferences
Created October 16, 2018, Updated October 16, 2018