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Protected Elevators for Egress and Access During Fires in Tall Buildings (Abstract only)



Richard W. Bukowski


The events of September 11 have generated renewed interest in the use of protected elevators for egress and access. U.S. building codes contain requirements for accessible elevators for assisted evacuation of people with disabilities. Firefighter lifts, required in tall buildings in some countries, are being discussed to improve both the safety and efficiency of firefighting operations. The desire for increased egress capacity of tall buildings to facilitate simultaneous evacuation has rekindled interest in elevators as a secondary means of egress for all occupants. Elevators used for each of these purposes share many of the same design characteristics and the need for an extraordinary level of safety and reliability.
SFPE Professional Development Week 2002


accessible elevators, egress elevators, firefighter lifts, firefighting operations, means of egress


Bukowski, R. (2017), Protected Elevators for Egress and Access During Fires in Tall Buildings (Abstract only), SFPE Professional Development Week 2002 (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017