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Prospects for a Truly Portable Absolute Gravimeter



J E. Faller, A L. Vitouchkine


Absolute gravity measurements offer teh possibility of measuring vertical height changes (the subject of this meeting) at the centimeter level. Today's absolute instruments, though capable of achieving the requisite level of accuracy (1-2 gals), are still fairly bulky in comparison with relative instruments. Relative instruments can be used to study uplift phenomena but their use requires multiple repeat-measurements at each of a number of sites in order to establish the gravity differences whose changes in time are then indicators of vertical motion. A smaller and simpler absorlute gravimeter, provided it has the requistite accuracy, would therefore be of considerable interest for the study of crustal deformation for being absolute, it avoids the problems associated with multiple measurements at a variety of sites.
Conference Proceedings


absolute gravimeter, atom interferometry


Faller, J. and Vitouchkine, A. (2008), Prospects for a Truly Portable Absolute Gravimeter, Conference Proceedings (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008