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Prospects for mixed-isotope Bose-Einstein condensates in rubidium



J P. Burke, J L. Bohn, B D. Esry, C H. Greene


We present quantiative calculations of binary collision parameters for mixtures of ultracold gases of 85Rb and 87Rb atoms. The elastic cross section for pure 85Rb collisions is found to be unusually small in the important temperature range T=0.1-1mK for evaporative cooling. However, the addition of a buffer gas of 87Rb atoms could be used for sympathetic cooling of the ^85^Rb atoms. The positive triplet scattering length (205-220 a.u.) which we predict for mixed isopope collision implies that a stable mixed-isotope double condensate could be formed. In addition, collisions between 84Rb and 87Rb atoms in the lowest hyperfine manifold exhibit magnetic field-induced Feshbach resonances which would allow the interaction between condensates to be controlled.
Physical Review Letters


Bose Einstein condensation, rubidium, ultracold collisions


Burke, J. , Bohn, J. , Esry, B. and Greene, C. (2008), Prospects for mixed-isotope Bose-Einstein condensates in rubidium, Physical Review Letters (Accessed March 5, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008