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A proposed mapping method for aligning machine execution data to numerical control code



Laetitia V. Monnier, William Z. Bernstein, Sebti Foufou


The visions of the digital thread and smart manufacturing have boasted the potential of relating downstream data to upstream decisions in design. However, to date, the tools and methods to robustly map across the related data representations is significantly lacking. In response, we propose a mapping technique for standard manufacturing data representations. Specifically, we focus on relating controller data from machining tools in the form of MTConnect, an emerging communication protocol for execution data, and numerical control (NC) code, an industry standard for formally describing instructions on a cutting tool. We evaluate the efficacy of our mapping methodology through an error measurement technique that judges the alignment quality between the two data representations. We then relate the proposed methodology to a case study, that includes verified process plans and real execution data, borrowed from the Smart Manufacturing Systems Test Bed hosted at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Conference Dates
August 22-26, 2019
Conference Location
Vancouver, -1
Conference Title
CASE 2019 - International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering


Smart Manufacturing, MTConnect, Data Mapping, Design Decisions, Product Lifecycle Data, Standards
Created September 23, 2019