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Proposed IEEE-P1451.3 Mixed-mode Smart Transducer Interface



S Chen, Kang B. Lee


Various transducer companies offer proprietary smart transducers and interfaces as upgrades or improvements. Such upgrades ease installation, perform self-test, reduce errors, improve the quality of measurements, and reduce cost. However, without a standard, risk to the customers, as well as the investment for the transducer manufacturers, is high. This paper describes the proposed Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) P1451.3 interface which has the following attributes: - Utilizes existing analog sensor interface technologies - Performs bi-directional digital communication for self-identification, test, programmable signal conditioning, etc. - Accesses the transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) - Performs wide bandwidth analog measurements - Is compatible with the proposed P1451.2 interface
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of Sensors '96 Conference
Conference Dates
January 1, 1996
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA, US
Conference Title
Sensors '96 Conference


IEEE standard, Interface standards, Sensor Integration, Smart sensor interface


Chen, S. and Lee, K. (1996), Proposed IEEE-P1451.3 Mixed-mode Smart Transducer Interface, Proceedings of Sensors '96 Conference, Philadelphia, PA, US (Accessed July 25, 2024)


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Created December 31, 1995, Updated October 12, 2021