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Properties of Cavity-Backed Slot-Ring Antennas at 95 GHZ



Shalva Nolen, Todd E. Harvey, Carl D. Reintsema, Erich N. Grossman


Slot-ring antennas with planar backshorts, designed for operation at 95 GHz, have been fabricated and their properties measured. Using optical lithography, we fabricated the slot-ring antennas, along with integrated niobium thin-film biolometers, on dielectrically thin (50 5m) silicon substrates. We have performed a theoretical analysis of the slot-ring antennas with planar backshorts and compared the theoretical results with our measured beam patterns. The measured antenna patterns have highly circular main beams with full -3 dB beamwidths of 210. The patterns have low sidelobe levels of about -15 dB in the H-plane and below -25 dB in the E-plane and a directiveity of 17 dB. We are investigating a focal-plane array of slot-ring antenna-coupled bolometers for use in a concealed weapons imaging system.
Proceedings Title
Proc. Intl. Soc. for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
Conference Dates
April 16-20, 2001
Conference Location
Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Title
Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology V


annular slot, millimeter wave, slot-ring


Nolen, S. , Harvey, T. , Reintsema, C. and Grossman, E. (2001), Properties of Cavity-Backed Slot-Ring Antennas at 95 GHZ, Proc. Intl. Soc. for Optical Engineering (SPIE), Orlando, FL, USA (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created July 31, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021