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Is a Production Level Scanning Electron Microscope Linewidth Standard Possible?



Michael T. Postek, Andras Vladar, John S. Villarrubia


Metrology will remain a pricipal enabler for the development and manufacture of future generations of semiconductor devices. With the potential of 130 nm and 100 nm linewidths and high aspect ratio structures, the scanning electron microscope (SEM) remains an important metrology tool. This instrument is also extensively used in many phases of semiconductor manufacturing throughout the world. A challenge was recently posed in an article in Semiconductor International, which was to have an accurate, production level, linewidth standard for critical dimension scanning electron microscopes available to the semiconductor industry. The potential for meeting this challenge is explored in this paper.
SPIE Microlithography Conference


AFM, atomic force microscope, linewidth, polysilicon, scanning electron microscope, SRM, Standard Reference Material


Postek, M. , Vladar, A. and Villarrubia, J. (2000), Is a Production Level Scanning Electron Microscope Linewidth Standard Possible?, SPIE Microlithography Conference (Accessed June 17, 2024)


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Created June 1, 2000, Updated February 19, 2017