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Product Studies of Inelastic and Reactive Collisions of NH2+NO: Effects of Vibrationally and Electronically Excited NH2



T P. Marcy, Dwayne E. Heard, S R. Leone


The reaction between NH2 and NO has been studied by time-resolved step-scan Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) emission spectroscopy.We observe time-dependent emission from vibrationally excited NO, N2O and H2O arising from the interaction of NO with initially vibrationally and electronically excited NH2 produced by the 193 nm laser photolysis of ammonia. The excited NH2 gives rise to a rapidly decaying emission signal. The correlated time dependences of the vibrationally excited NO and N2O signals suggest that they are formed by direct collisions of NO with the vibrationally and electronically excited NH2. There is sufficient excitation of the NH2 to overcome the high barrier to N2Oformation. The emission from vibrationally excited H20 shows that its formation is delayed, with a significant induction period. The time dependence of the H20 induction period matches well to the decay of emissions from the Ņ1 and Ņ3 bands of NH2 suggesting that the NH2 is deactivated to its ground electronic and bibrational state before it produces the water product by reacting with NO.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A
No. 36


De-No<sub>x</sub>, NH<sub>2</sub>+NO


Marcy, T. , Heard, D. and Leone, S. (2002), Product Studies of Inelastic and Reactive Collisions of NH<sub>2</sub>+NO: Effects of Vibrationally and Electronically Excited NH<sub>2</sub>, Journal of Physical Chemistry A (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created August 31, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021