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Procedures for the Decontamination of Building Plumbing Systems



Stephen J. Treado, Mark A. Kedzierski, V. J. Gallardo


This paper presents a discussion of methods for decontaminating building plumbing systems and restoring them to safe operation, based on generic contaminant characteristics. More specific recommendations are being developed that link decontamination procedures to particular contaminants or groups of contaminants with similar characteristics. It is hoped that these recommendation will prove useful as a starting point for a set of comprehensive guidelines that support general response plans for effective recover from water supply system contamination events.
Conference Dates
April 7-8, 2008
Conference Location
London, UK
Conference Title
Water Contamination Emergencies:
Collective Responsibility


Contaminant, decontamination, plumbing, water supply
Created April 7, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017