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A primary pressure standard at 100 kPa



James W. Schmidt, Y Q. Cen, Robert G. Driver, Walter J. Bowers Jr., J C. Houck, S A. Tison, Charles D. Ehrlich


Primary pressure standards in the atmospheric pressure range are often established using mercury manometers. To a lesser extent controlled-clearance dead-weight testers in which one component (normally the piston) has been dimensionally measured have also been used. The recent advances of technology on two fronts 1) the fabrication of large diameter pistons and cylinders and 2) the dimensional metrology of those components have allowed some dead-weight testers at NIST to achieve total relative uncertainties in generated pressure near 10x10-6 (2ς). This paper described recent developments at NIST in which accurate dimensional measurements have been translated to effective areas. It is anticipated that total relative uncertainties in generated pressure may decrease to 5x10-6 (2ς) when recent dimensional measurements are incorporated on the newest gages.


dead-weight testers, one atmosphere, pressure, primary, standards


Schmidt, J. , Cen, Y. , Driver, R. , Bowers, W. , Houck, J. , Tison, S. and Ehrlich, C. (1999), A primary pressure standard at 100 kPa, Metrologia (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created June 1, 1999, Updated February 19, 2017