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Pressure-Induced Shift and Broadening of 1510-1540-nm Acetylene Wavelength Calibration Lines



William C. Swann, Sarah L. Gilbert


We have measured the pressure-induced shift for 15 lines of the υ1 + υ3 rotational-vibrational band of acetylene 12C2H2. These lines are useful as Wavelength references in the 1510-1540-nm region. We find that the pressure shift varies from +0.008(2) pm/kPa for line R1 to +0.043(2) pm/kPa for line R27, with many of the lines exhibiting a shift near +0.017 pm/kPa (or, equivalently, +2.3 x 10-3 pm/Torr or -0.29 MHz/Torr). In addition we have measured the pressure broadening of these lines and find that it also varies with line number and is typically ~0.7 pm/kPa (~12 MHz/Torr). We also evaluate the line sensitivity to temperature changes and electromagnetic fields.
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics


acetylene, optical fiber communications, pressure broadening, pressure shift, wavelength division multiplexing, wavelength reference, wavelength standards, WDM
Created July 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017